William Bull Meek

William Bull Meek was an Early Native of California born in 1857 Justice of the Peace, Stage Driver, Wells Fargo Agent, Mule Skinner, Teamster, Merchant. Meek drove freight wagons over the Henness Pass in his youth and served many years as Wells, Fargo & Co's agent in Camptonville. He was a Clamper in Marysville in the 1890's a Humbug and Clampatriarch and was 79 when he died in 1936. Prior to his death in 1936 he wrote "I am glad to learn that E Clampus Vitus is going to be revived and hope that the new life of the Order will be as complete as the original" written on the stationery of the Justice Court of Camptonville township. At Camptonville (Yuba County) William Bull Meek described an alien spacecraft's landing on his property. He went on to say that he had a pleasant chat with the pilot, a bearded man, who told him that the ship "had come from the Montezuma Mountains." His stage coach driving was legend, his parties remembered by all, well liked by those that could stand his brand of humor he was highly successful and singlehandedly kept the Masons alive in Yuba County.  He was so instrumental in the continuation of ECV that his town is often referred to as Clamptonville, and a chapter of E Clampus Vitus was named for him. One of those that came before us but reminded us of the past.